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Monteverde: Only for Nature Lovers

August 2021

Monteverde is the embodiment of its name, green as far as the eyes can see and a paradise proving nature and humans can live in harmony. This is a sanctuary made for nature lovers, craving some forest bathing and willing to look deeper. Here nature surprises and shows its beauty with our native micro orchids, some of them only able to be spotted with a magnifier. These orchid's instinct to survive and create new generations has turned them into what I call "monster beauties" with shapes and forms that defy your imagination.

Other beauties are rarer and test your fears. Take a night tour and you'll be surrounded by snakes, spiders, frogs, and many other insects that looked at night become gems in the forest. Surrounded by the darkness with only a flashlight in your hands, you are enchanted by the magnitude of trees, by the raindrops falling on your cheeks, and become addicted to the search for the next animal.

Animals here amaze even locals. Gray foxes are well known in the area and loved by everyone, you fall in love with their perfect eyes and their behavior between a cat and a dog. But birds take the spotlight here, you can't miss the Ornate hawk-eagle, the Three-wattled bellbird, the hummingbirds, quetzals and so many others that will sing the most beautiful notes.

Costa Rica, it's known for its sunny beaches. But you can't miss the Cloud Forest, it will steal your heart.

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