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Pigs: A lifetime of suffering

On assignment for World Animal Protection

Documented cases from 2014 to 2019

In factory farm systems, pigs suffer from the minute they are born until the day they are killed. Living in cages the size of their bodies, they are unable to move or sleep. A few hours after being born their teeth are clipped, ears and tails cut, castrated, and tattooed without any anesthesia. Their mothers are unable to move to care for their babies and unable to bond with them as they are taken away just a few days after their birth. As pigs spend their day without any activity, they behave as the behavioral experts call: learned hopelessness and develop stereotype behaviors such as constant chewing or repetitive head movements. It's sad to see these intelligent animals be treated as disposable things. You can clearly see how full of life and curiosity they are when we documented them in a free-range farm system. The industry needs to change their practices and we certainly need to grow and search other options for our dietary needs. On assignment for World Animal Protection in undisclosed locations in Latin America.

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