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Multimedia Stories

for positive change

“The aspects of things that are most important for us are hidden because of their simplicity and familiarity. One is unable to notice something—because it is always before one's eyes.” Ludwig Wittgenstein

Hi, I'm Emi!

Multimedia producer & 2021 National Geographic Explorer using storytelling for positive change. I'm based in San José, Costa Rica, but will travel the world for a good story.

I love to photograph and film wildlife, nature, cities and people. I have documented stories in farms, disaster zones and undercover in captive animal venues.

Looking to collaborate with people, organizations and companies to raise awareness of social and animal issues and create multimedia content to get audiences closer to important causes.


Let's join forces, together we can create amazing stories for the greater good. 

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Photography projects, wildlife, nature, stories, portraits, cities, places, undercover, photojournalism & documentary style.

Video & Film

Films I produced, videos I made.

Real stories for change.


I do...

Feature stories

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Self(ie) Worthy

On assignment - As if they were a trophy, social media is booming with wildlife selfies. Our love, appreciation and interest in them has become their life sentence. We are the reason tigers are breed and kept captive  for the only purpose of our entertainment.


Only for nature lovers

Monteverde true to its name enchants every heart. A destination for nature lovers seeking to forest bathe and be amazed by incredible living beings. From the tiniest creatures to the ones that looks deep into your soul.

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Back to the wild

On assignment - Follow the release of Bravucona the sloth. Getting back to the wild on the hands of Tinka Please, founder of AIUNAU Foundation a center that focuses on the rehabilitation and release of wildlife from the xenarthra family. 


I'd love to hear from you and your project


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